Saturday, July 15, 2006

Prada's Waist Down party

(image via shoeblogs)

Lots of buzz always surrounding Miuccia Prada (like Woody Allen is a "Director's Director"), who is kind of a celebrity's celebrity. So, her party for the "Waist Down" collection was, as you can imagine, a red ticket event. According to Fashionweekdaily:

"There aren�t a lot of real highs left for Angelenos. Drinking�s too fattening, drugs are all prescription, and eating�well, that�s so yesterday. Which leaves sex, clothes, and the rare great party�all of which came together splendidly Thursday night for the opening of Prada�s 'Waist Down' exhibition in the Beverly Hills store. 'I don�t know what�s cooler�this crowd, the skirt show, or the clothes,' Patricia Arquette said. 'And I�m not even a clothes girl.'"

"...The big stairs made the people-watching more fun: Giovanni Ribisi danced down them like Gene Kelly, while Ben Kingsley shimmied down them all over his date�who, that lucky girl, bought almost every piece of the fall collection. Meanwhile, Miuccia herself kept it low-key. 'She�s not in a talkative mood,' explained her publicist."

"Himbo" Joaquin Phoenix tries to Walk the Line with Miuccia Prada. (image via wireimage).

"...Nicole Richie looked chic, but was a little tanner than most nights. 'I do the actual bake, not fake,' the 24-year old admitted. 'I know how bad it is for you, but I�m going to quit the minute I hit 25.'"

25 pounds? (Averted Gaze)

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