Thursday, July 27, 2006

Phoebe Eaton at Michael's


Our heart beats just a little bit faster at the mention of Phoebe Eaton's name. So, imagine our surprise to hear that the astonishingly lovely Phoebe Eaton stopped by Michael's yeatserday. You can imagine. Oh, and we guess we should also mention that Walter Cronkite was also there, but frankly all we really care about is Phoebes. Via FishbowlNY:

".. 3. Henry Schleiff, who continues to ride out the summer and his twilight days at Court TV in high style, lunching with his own unknown guest.

"4. It's becoming a bit of a lame joke to comment on Ron Perelman's uber-casualness in this column, but in our defense -- he's beginning to drift into the realm of the absurd. He held down the corner table today with a besuited man and breezily beautiful woman while sporting jeans, an untucked turquoise polo shirt and a taxicab yellow baseball cap he wore for half his meal. We've heard of go-to-hell-pants, but a go-to-hell cap was new to us.

"5. Al Roker, looking svelte-ish, was stationed along the wall.

"... 7. While their third waited patiently at this table for a good half-hour, Tim Gunn and Grace Mirabella appeared arm-in-arm at the top the stairs a little before 1 PM. Gunn, who has become the star of Bravo's 'Project Runway' when he isn't running the fashion program at Parsons, helped the frail Ms. Mirabella to their table. They've been hanging out quit a bit lately, including taking in a screening of 'The Devil Wears Prada.' (Fashion types will recall that 'Prada's' inspiration, Anna Wintour, helped engineer Mirabella's downfall at Vogue."

We cannot fail to note here that bonding over The Devil Wears Prada among the fashionista's is a serious thing.

"8. Film producer Diane Sokol and Sony Pictures Television president Steve Moscow.

"9. Showtime PR honcho Stu Zakim sat here, although he dropped by the bar to say hello. The big thing on his plate at the moment: the season two premiere of 'Weeds,' the light-hearted and heart-warming tale about a bobo single-mother drug dealer. He brought screeners of the first few episodes for his lunch date, Glamour's PR chief Samantha Rosenthal.

"... 14. Time managing editor Rick Stengel (whose coronation is still the craziest day we've ever seen at this place) is apparently making the Michael's rounds these days. He was here with stalwart luncher (and Simon & Schuster's) Alice Mayhew."


Phoebe Eaton must be tired because she's been running through The Corsair's mind all day. (image via nysocialdiary)

"... 19. Editor-at-large Phoebe Eaton strode in clad in a camouflage dress, kissed owner Michael Moriarty on both cheeks, and was escorted to her table in the back."

We are presently swooning. Too bad FishbowlNY doesn't have visuals.

"20. NBC News VP David Corvo.

"... 24. Walter Cronkite appeared just in time for the second seating, and made his way toward the back of the room shaking hands the entire route. Waiting for him was legendary ad man Martin Puris."

The full story here.

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