Monday, July 10, 2006

Depp and Iger: They Did It Theiiir Waay!

Filthy pirates? "In"(image via theage)

The Corsair, being something of a blog pirate, has always known that Pirates were interesting. But the giganter opening of "Pirates of the Carribean" was astonishing. Breathtaking, really. And, so far as we know, there were no "rolling blackouts" as they bested Spidey's record box office take. (Insert the sound of former Disney head Michael Eisner spraying hot tears)

Depp, whom we kid for his existential filthiness, has always been an indie hero of sorts. He revels in unorthodox, "quirky" roles (Depp likes to de-prettyfy himself more than Amy Sedaris does). How the fuck did he become the biggest box office star in the world?!

"Conversation" with Michael Eisner: Wow. Sucks to be you. (image via fordstheatre)

And Iger, whose bold maneuvering with Pixar, soothing the massive ego of Steve Jobs, gambled the farm on his $450 million back-to-back Pirates sequel. And won. Big time.

As we write this, Michael Eisner is supersizing our fries, Robert Iger is laughing maniacally, and Johnny Depp is, no doubt, avoiding a bath somewhere south of the Champs Elysses.

Well played.

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