Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Does Anyone Want Star Jones-Reynolds?

Star Jones, in the hour of the wolf. (image via timeinc)

Sure, she handled the whole 'View' contretemps rather poorly. (Averted Gaze) But that doesn't mean she has to go back to the prosecuting ghetto, now, does it? Does it? Does Star Jones-Reynolds get a second act among the Chattering Classes? Or, has she summarily been excommunicated from The Communicators altogether? Has Star orbited out of the Manhattan Media Cosmos, is what we are asking. According to TVNewser:

"'In Touch Weekly reported this week that both CNN and Fox News Channel have approached Reynolds about hosting jobs,' the AP says.

"Fox wasn't happy about that. A spokesperson told FTVLive that the magazine 'took dictation from Star's agent' and never called the network to verify the talks.

"To the AP, FNC said the network had 'no interest' in Reynolds."

Neither, we surmise, will her "longtime companion" once the money gets tight and the media visbility goes opaque.


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