Monday, July 24, 2006

Wesley Snipes Likes The Chocolate Sauce


Always bet on black ..(image via dinedoremanagement)

Married action star Wesley Snipes, who was once punched the fuck out for stealing Mike Tyson's girl, likes to smear chocolate sauce on his lovers. According to the extremely downmarket newsoftheworld:

"'(Snipes) put his favourite R&B tracks on and we all got drinks from the mini bar. I loved taking the mick out of him. I said I didn't like his tracksuit and he said it was �20,000 of pure silk. I told him not to be flash."

Self-expression, we cannot fail to note, is not achieved via a Bubble Yum-colored tracksuit, unless the expression one wishes to achieve is "ghetto." More:

"As we were dancing together he pulled me towards him and kissed me. He was a gorgeous kisser.

"Then he started massaging my shoulders. He didn't care that all my mates and his bodyguards were in the room. As it got late everyone started to leave but Wesley asked me to stay. By now I thought he was sexy and funny, so I did.

"Then we started kissing more passionately. Before long he started taking my clothes off, but in a gentle and sexy way. He knew what he was doing.

"He got down to my jeans and discovered that I don't wear knickers. He said, �This is all good � I don't even have to take off your panties!'"

We're glad that the situation was self-explanatory. Saying "No Knickers," in a plummy Biritsh accent might have been misconstrued as a racial remark. I'm just saying ...

"It was then that Wesley led Fran into the bedroom of suite 712 of the Cardiff Hilton and they had sex for the first time. The 29-year-old single mum added: 'He may be quite old but managed to hold me up against the wall as we had sex.

"He was very strong and well blessed in the trouser department. The rest of his body was good too.

"He particularly loved my bum. I think it's big but he couldn't get enough of it.

"And I remember he had strawberries in the suite and a big jug of chocolate sauce. We eventually made love in the bed and then he brought the food in. I just ate mine but he got the sauce and poured it over me and then slowly licked it off."

On confronting a sturdy bottom the application of a condom as opposed to a condiment is strongly encouraged. Further, "Poundcakes" -- for lack of a better term -- are a stand alone pastry (Ike Turner be damned) and need not any chocolate sauce.

"Then he nibbled my neck and told me he was being a vampire. I didn't have a clue what he was on about, I know who he is but I haven't watched all his films. Then someone told me later he'd played a vampire in Blade."

More on Newsoftheworld.

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