Saturday, July 15, 2006

Does Anyone Want Star Jones, Part Dieux?

(image via broadwayworld)

Cindy Adams, whose Yorkshire Terrier, "Jazzy (Averted Gaze)" suffered the slings and arrows of outragous fortune, chimes in on the Star Jones controversy. We remain, of course, deeply concerned over how her lack of media prospects -- and hard cheddar influx -- will affect the mariage blanc to Al "Keep it on the Down Low" Reynolds:

"I REALIZE it's a slow summer, but we must stop already writing about where Al Reynolds' missus might next show up. At the instant of her departure there was no offer on the table, hence the orchestration of that publicity coup d'etat. Subsequently, CBS' morning show got named. They're sending word - no, nisht, nyet, non, forget it. NBC's 'Today' show got mentioned. The answer for that is in two words. Im possible. Never happen. Meredith Vieira is a 100 percent no fan of Mrs. Al. Fox TV practically took out an ad on yesterday's Page Six to cry NEVERRRR! ABC? I don't think so. E-TV? She's already been there, and we don't think so. Court TV? Already been there, and nobody thinks so."

How will she upkeep the East Hampton pad, the Manhattan pad, the champagne flow and -- most important -- to keep up the lifestyle (go-go boys?) that Al Reynolds is accustomed to?

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