Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Steve Case Is Sorry; We Think


(image via timeinc)

Steve Case managed -- Herculean labor that it is -- to get in a word edgewise on Charlie Rose. And boy it was a doozy, says Paidcontent. It is not a good morning for Dick Parsons as Case apologized for evaporating $200 million in shareholder value.

"... Case disccused the AOL-TW merger on 'The Charlie Rose Show' Monday night. (Still looking for a linkable transcript.) He didn�t just blurt out a confession and it came with a lot of qualifiers, as though Case still can�t quite figure out why such a brilliant idea went AWRY; Rose pushed hard for him to acknowledge the failure in direct terms, asking bluntly, 'Are you sorry you did it?' Case: 'Yes, I�m sorry I did it. � I thought it was the best course for AOL to make sure it was ensured a bright broadband future, and as part of that agreed to step aside as CEO. To make sure the deal would happen. And AOL`s broadband future has not been, obviously, what any of us would have hoped.'"

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