Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Luke Wilson: 86ed at the Playboy Mansion

(image via vnn)

Luke Wilson has been 86ed from the Playboy Mansion. Apparently Luke even sprayed hot tears like a bitch after hearing the verdict. He will, to be sure, save gazillions on antibiotics. (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) He was on The Howard Stern Show this morning when the sordid details leaked like a bad silicon job. Says Marksfriggin:

"Howard heard that Luke had been banned from the Playboy mansion so he asked him about that. Luke said he went to a party and brought his friend Steve with him and tried to pass him off as Owen Wilson. They knew it wasn't him because some girl in line told them it wasn't Owen. That got him banned. Howard said that Hef is brilliant because he keeps those parties to a select few and doesn't turn them into sausage parties. They even turn women down after they send head shots over to them if they're not good looking enough.

"Luke said that he called the people at Playboy and tried to get back in and actually cried because he was so upset. He said he was put on the DNA (Do Not Admit) list because of that whole thing. He said they let him go to the party that night but the next party list he was taken off the list."

But Frankie Muniz is a regular?

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Carolyn said...

Hmm... I would have thought the DNA list at the Playboy mansion was something else entirely.

Ron said...