Wednesday, July 12, 2006

R Couri Hay: On The Perfect Affair Rerstaurant

R Couri Ha-a-a-y, and Janna Bullock (image via NYSocialDiary)

When pronouncing the name R. Couri Hay -- and we say this because it is not readily apparent -- one must add a few "a"'s to the last name and throw in a hip swivel, a finger snap and a neck-roll. The Flamboyant Columnist is rather funny -- and prolix -- in this week's salmon-colored weekly on the subject of extramarital relations and the perfect "Affair Restaurant." This is a subject he
clearly is in command of, from, we gather, years of covering -- and, no doubt covering for --the Very Rich, who, as Gatsby noted, are really not like us at all. From TheObserver:

"'FORGET CHECKING NEW YORK MAGAZINE and going to the new place,' said R. Couri Hay on the phone from Southampton. Mr. Hay is the society columnist for Gotham magazine; he often fills his column with lengthy, anonymous tales of musical beds. As a public-relations man, he also does crisis management, and has �handled my share of infidelities.�

"There is always the Carlyle Hotel, Mr. Hay suggested."

But it doesn't stop there. To wit:

"... Mr. Hay had some other suggestions. His top choices for adulterous meeting places were: Paris; London; Rome; Sarasota, Fla., but never Miami; a friend�s guest house or, at least, guest bedroom; a leased plane, but not one with a regular crew that might also serve a spouse; an apartment rented or purchased in a company name by an underling such as a vice president, but not a secretary, meaning a person who can never be fired and preferably one who is also an adulterer; perhaps Montauk, although it has become crowded with other marital escapees; possibly the Pierre; and 'What about that dreaded place? New Jersey.'"

What we learned today: R. Couri Hay is a chic freak, Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

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