Monday, July 03, 2006

Ice T and Coco: We Are The World


Its hard out there for a pimp.(image via jlingo)

Ah, Ice T, "O.G," former pimp and Hasselhoff collaborator, has reinvented himself rather nicely from scourge of the "po-po," after his 80s hit "Cop Killer," into -- ironically -- a hard-edged detective on TV's Law and Order. Dick Wolf is Old School like that. But ... he's far from family-friendly, the former Pimp.

Why, there is his unorthodox wife, the buxom -- "Coco (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment), a former swimsuit model (floatation device?).

Ice T and his overripe wife, Coco. (image via Showbizireland)

Coco is no stranger to irony herself, why: She reportedly gave her hubby, Ice T a blowjob in, of all places, the Meatpacking District. (Averted Gaze) Now, according to Lloyd Grove, who, apparently, is on the Ice T beat:

"...(a) New Yorker story includes 'Law and Order: SVU' star Ice-T's impassioned defense of his white wife, Coco, on an underground DVD in which she joins him on camera. 'She representing � just got her motha�f�in' nails done,' the rapper-turned-actor declares. 'I love her to death. � All the black women that got problem with Ice-T with a white girl? Kiss my f�ing ass.'

"Then he puts his arm around Coco and starts singing: 'We Are the World.'"

Yes, and that skanky world is located somewhere within the crab nebulae, to be sure.