Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lunch at Michael's

(image via fishbowlny)

Yesterday at the venerable media watering spot, an interesting group of boldfacers assembled to see and be seen. And, to paraphrase Hannah Arendt in The Human Condition, Seeing and being seen constituted through the participation of witnesses who form judgments and comment on what they see � is what matters. Right? From FishbowlNY:

"... 3. Actress Victoria Tennant was stationed here with a trio of others, including, at one point, fellow actress Phoebe Cates.

"4. Ron Perelman, in rolled-up shirtsleeves, as usual, a look that's gaining more and more currency with us the deeper into summer we get. He too, was anchoring a four-person table today, which included Revlon director (and Perelman partner) Howard Gettis."

We expect the Funky-Capitalist-in-rolled-up-shirtsleeves trend to begin forthwith. Henry Kravis is so last week; Ron perelman is the cool billionaire. More:

"5. The prize for most intriguing table of the day goes to Susan Lyne and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

"... 7. The New York Daily News' table today, consisting of gossip Joanna Molloy, features managing editor Orla Healy, and attorney Ed Hayes, who's somehow managed to represent both Page Six's Richard Johnson and Jared Paul Stern, at least for a minute, during the latest flare-up in the the feud between the two papers.
8. The New York Observer's Peter Kaplan, with Howard Rubenstein.

"... 11. VH1's John Sykes occasionally poked his head out from the behind the wall here, but his companion was invisible to us. We heard the mystery date practically ran laps greeting everyone, however.

"... 14. Mort Zuckerman was also parked along Mogul Row today ...

"... 15. CNBC's best-and-brightest were stationed here: new-ish business news chief Jonathan Wald, and the channel's face, Maria Bartiromo."

Good haul today. More at FishbowlNY

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