Thursday, July 06, 2006

Kid Rock and Pam Anderson: Back On

Alert the Center for Disease Control! (image via AOLPeople)

Oh, it's on; it's on like -- well, not quite like Gray Poupon: more like a petri dish. Oft-incarcerated Kid Rock and Pam Anderson's on again, off again -- pun intended -- "relationship (Averted Gaze)," is back. Says Contactmusic:

"PAMELA ANDERSON has sparked rumours she's reunited with her ex fiance KID ROCK after she was spotted sunbathing and kissing the rocker on a vacation in St Tropez, France. Anderson is enjoying a little fun in the sun after celebrating her 39th birthday (01JUL06) in the French holiday resort at the weekend."

For providing the microbial universe fertile grounds to multiply at bacterial velocity we say to the couple, heartily: Skank you, very much.

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