Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jeff Goldblum and Nicole Ritchie

Goldblum and geek aficionado, Lisa Marie. (image via borkowski)

Although in Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum played a paleontologist fascinated with ancient life forms, in real life he likes pert young flesh just like the average jo. According to Lloyd Grove:

"Just how young does Jeff Goldblum like 'em? Us Weekly says the 53-year-old actor recently dined with 24-year-old waif Nicole Richie. 'Richie says she has had a crush on Goldblum since she was 13,' the mag reports. 'The pair have plans to go out again.' Cradle-robbing?"

Just what does Ritchie get out of it? Goldblum's Adam's Apple jutting out like a flying butress? The spasmodic movements? The pretentious display of pseudointellectualism?

We give.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff Goldblum naked, partially covered in sand on beach? Yeah...yuck.

-Melissa Manchester

Theresa Z said...

I'm oddly

THE CHICK said...

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU BITCHES TALKING ABOUT! I FIND JEFF GOLDBLUM F***ING HOT!!!! Nicole Rich'whore' is damn lucky to be seen with him; not the other way around! You are just hating ancient grannies reeking with medipause and stuck in the rut that is your mid-life crisis LOL, plus you ain't getting none.WELL YOU CAN JUST GO SUCK IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SEXY PIECE OF ASS THAT IS JEFF GOLDBLUM - PEACE OUT SKANKS!

LilShit said...

Hell yeah Jeff Goldblum is HOT!! And cradle robbing? That's nothing but a damn number. She's over 18 anyway! Grow up! Some like em young some like em old. I prefer older men myself, so that bitch is lucky to get to go out with him. I'd risk sand fleas to lay on a beach naked with him!!

jeff goldblum said...

hey jerk he was a chaotician not a paleontologist!