Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Part the Second: Will Candy Spelling Ever Make Love in This Town Again?


Continuing yesterday's inquiry into Whether or Not -- as Cindy Adams speculated acidly -- that Candy Spelling, she of the 70s jiggle television Spellings, bought out copies of a scandalous new book that alleges her deceased husband "broke her off a piece" of hooker ass every now and again. From Northern Territory News

"The authors are four women well-placed to report on the behind-the-scenes sex lives of the rich and famous - Carly Milne, a former porn industry publicist, Jennifer Young, the daughter of the late movie star Gig Young and a pal of infamous Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, and two anonymous call girls, Amanda, who has 20 years experience, and Olivia, a paid escort to movie stars and Arab royalty.

"Julie Osborne, who edited the book, said that with such explosive revelations about very powerful people, the publishers decided to keep the contents a secret.

"... Milne said the story she was most shocked by in the book was that of billionaire TV producer Aaron Spelling, who died in June, and his 61-year-old wife Candy, parents of actress Tori Spelling.

"'Aaron Spelling would hire female escorts for Candy and he would watch her have sex with the hooker and then he would have sex with Candy while the hooker watched,' she said.

"'The theory was that Candy was actually a lesbian.'

"The salacious nature of the book, which was launched at a Los Angeles club on Thursday night, has already prompted one of America's most powerful gossip columnists Cindy Adams to speculate that its publication will lead to a lot of grovelling from the named-and-shamed celebrities to their partners.

"'The book is great for jewellers,' she wrote in her column in The New York Post ...

"'Many wives will be getting many expensive gifts.'"

Juicy and Jazzy. But what intrigues us most is how daughter Tori -- or, as we like to call her, "MissSpelling" -- is
not inviting her *allegedly* Sapphic Mama to her baby shower. instead -- How Hollywood is this shit -- her fictional mom, Loni Anderson, of the VH1 show "So NoTorious" will be there, presumably in place of Candy.

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