Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Joe Francis: Tara Reid Not That great

(image via alarm-alarm)

There are some things in show business one knows well to avoid. One is Janice Dickinson. "Blast" her at your own risk. Your sexual prowess or cowardice will be chronicled by her in a future tome.

Another one to avoid is the exquisitely oily Wilmer Valderama. And, of course, "Girls Gone Wild" sleaze mogul Joe Francis. Today he gave what Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern Show described as the "greatest interview ever". From Marksfriggin:

"Howard asked Joe who gives the best blow job. Joe said that Paris is the best. He also said that she's best overall with sex as well. He said she's the best out of everyone he's been with. Howard asked him who's the worst. He said Tara Reid. He wasn't sure why but thought about it for a second and said that she's uhhh... I dunno.'' He said he loves Tara but she's 'You know, I don't know.' Robin asked if she just lays there. Joe said yes to that. He tried doing her a few times but it wasn't very good at all. Joe said he used protection and that may not have helped. Robin wondered if he wasn't able to feel anything. Joe said it just wasn't that great."

Tara Reid's career, ladies and gentlemen; Tara reid's career ...

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