Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Does Rupert Murdoch Want A Piece of The Chicago Tribune?


(image via MilikenInstitute)

Does Media Master of the Universe Rupert Murdoch have designs on the Chicago Tribune? And, if so, Does that make him Michael Wolf's "anonymous billionaire"? Probably not as The New York Post is a part of the newspaper business." But otherwise he fits the bill. According to Stacy Kramer of PaidContent:

"The bidding for the Tribune Company may be getting more interesting if a report from the Financial Times about Rupert Murdoch’s involvement proves out. The FT Report (sub. req.) has Murdoch joining forces with the Chandlers in their bid for the company, which may or may not actually be for sale. Under this scenario, Murdoch would have a minority stake in the newspapers; the Chandler offer calls for the broadcasting division to be sold or spun off. Citing a person familiar with the situation, the FT said Murdoch wants to combine the back office and operations of Newsday, a Tribune paper, with News Corp.’s NY Post. (A cynic might say the only two things those papers have in common are tabloid newsprint and the state of New York.) News Corp. probably would have a tough time acquiring the paper outright."



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