Monday, January 22, 2007

Resolved: David Geffen is an Honorary Black Man

(image via fishbowlla)

Is Los Angeles powerplayer David Geffen really a -- how does one say it? -- brother undercover? We ask this because of the long-delayed "Dreamgirls," the seminal African-American -- and, for that matter, everyone else -- Musical Extravaganza of the Year, has been his pet project for as long as anyone can remember. Geffen's commitment to recuscitating Edie Murphy's career and launching Jennifer Hudson into the stratosphere from her dismal job at Disney cruises can only be properly construed as ... very black of him. Says Goldderby:

"Hollywood media mogul David Geffen tells the Wall Street Journal that producing the film version of 'Dreamgirls,' the musical he brought to Broadway 25 years ago, will mark the end of his career as a filmmaker. 'This closes a chapter for me,' he insists. 'I'm finished with the movie business.'

He donates millions to historically black colleges.

And then there are the curious similarities between Don Cheadle and David Geffen. Has anyone actually ever seen those two in the same room at the same time?

Whatever the case, Resolved: David Geffen is an Honorary African-American. He can collect his ghetto pass at the door.

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