Tuesday, January 16, 2007

TMZ Goes To The Silver Screen

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TMZ, the site who gave us "firecrotch" -- not literally, mind you -- is coming to a small screen near you. From Paidcontent:

"Time Warner grabbed the pre-NATPE spotlight with the announcement of a syndicated entertainment news show based on oh-so-hot TMZ.com, the AOL-Telepictures JV that launched in late 2005. The company hopes to also grab a brass ring that has been elusive for years: a web2tv success. (The TV show was in the JV’s long-term plans; the online success may have pushed up the timing.)The half-hour daily strip already has been sold by TW’s Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution to the Fox O&Os, which should give it presence in NYC, LA and Chicago for a planned fall 2007 premiere; Fox has 35 stations in its O&O group and recently rolled out a MyFox format for its local sites. It’s a multi-year deal. Among the selling points—a proven internet brand and promises of a broadband-broadcast combo. Release. Some details:

"-- Among the online elements being promised: exclusive TMZ content; a branded TMZ module for station front pages; full integration into the station’s site; updates 24/7.

"-- For broadcast, TMZ for TV plans to provide a 254/7 newsfeed with branded reports and unedited footage the stations can use.

"-- Plans calls for a show as edgy and timely as the site. Words being tossed around include 'irreverent' and 'young skewing.'"

Let's hope the contract limits the amount of screen-time that the bloated and oily brandon Davis gets. Otherwise, imagine 5 million Nielsen families in unison wiping their tv screens with moist towelettes, trying to "get the oily off."

Fer realsies.

The full story here.

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