Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Frist To Run For Guhvnuh of Tennessee?

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"He was supposed to be The Chosen One," we can hear Karl Rove lament with lugubrious melancholy. And he was. Hand picked by The Bushies, Former Senator Frist had a bio that looked as good as Jessica Biel's delicioso Ass (The Corsair shoots a wolf-whistle). An Evangelical heart surgeon has who volunteered time to give free operations to the needy in Sudan. And the hair -- Bill Frist has inscutable, Senatorial hair.

And so when Trent Lott fucked himself up royally The Bushies took the opportunity to insert Frist (And, in a Rovian flouish, appeal to African-Americans with the public shaming of Lott). It all backfired, of course. Frist turned out to be all Bio and no Bark. Even with a Senate Majority he was flummoxed by Harry Reid, the Democrat Minority Leader with arcane knowledge of unusual Senate procedures. An angry Trent Lott is back on track to regain his position, tighter than ever with the civil rights community, and bitter (His retelling of his ouster is called "Herding Cats," a memoir which obliquely references Frist's sick ass feline euthanasia fetish -- meeOW!)

Mired in scandal and fizzling Presidential prospects, Frist resigned. But he may be back, just further down the road from histhe stink he made a Senate Majority Leader. According to TheHill:

"Former Majority Leader Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) is seriously considering a gubernatorial run in Tennessee in 2010, possibly setting up a White House bid further down the road.

"Sources in Washington and Tennessee say Frist, who will turn 55 next month, is leaning heavily toward a run for the governor’s office, where he could gain executive experience that might position him to try for the presidency in either 2012 or 2016.

“'It’s a done deal,' said a source with knowledge of Frist’s plans.

"Frist was considering a 2008 presidential run until late last year, when he announced he would not run, opening the door for a bid at the Volunteer State’s governor’s office.

"Waiting three to eight years before making a gubernatorial or presidential bid would provide Frist needed distance from his unenviable tenure as Senate majority leader, a period that culminated in the Democrats’ takeover of Congress last November."

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