Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Did Jason Hirschhorn Get a Bum Rap at MTVN?

Former MTVN Digital wizard Jason Hirschorn, who resigned from the company in May was curiously back in the mix briefly. An allegedly current staffer at MTVN wrote Gawker today:

"As someone still at MTVN. I read your post this AM...
Not totally correct, but on its way...

"1. Your former Viacom staffer, seems to have a 1500 mile away view of everything.. Shitting on nits like Wolf and Browning is easy. 2. Where is McGrath in all this? Why is she blameless? She brought in Wolf? She was behind letting good people like Scannell, Frank, Hirschhorn and Dunn walk out the door. 3. You have it wrong on Hirschhorn. Everyone here knows he's the one that told them to buy MySpace and IGN and no one listened. True he got golden parachuted, but only after he couldn't take the company missing out one more time. More power to him for getting paid, had we listened to him we wouldn't be in this shape."

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