Monday, January 15, 2007

Does Fitty Cent Toss His Own Salad?


We learned from Fitty's Tour Rider that he has exotic tastes ("Cold Slaw"?). How exotic we learned precisely the outer limits on Tuesday. From last week's Howard Stern Show on Marksfriggin:

"Howard asked Robin if she's ever eaten ass before. She said she hasn't. 50 asked Howard if he has ever done it. Howard told him he hasn't so he asked 50 if he's done it. 50 said that he has done it with his son's mother. He said he knows he did it but he doesn't remember exactly when. Howard wondered if she was on her back or on all fours. 50 said she was on her back and wondered what kind of crazy shit Howard is up to. 50 said that he didn't taste or smell anything nasty when he was down there."
Oh dear. Now we know why Fitty's Tour rider on TheSmokingGun lists, "... peanut butter, one jar of grape jellies (all day)."

All day, hmm? He tosses his own salad, you see. That's .. all we wanted to say on the matter, really.

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