Monday, January 22, 2007

Picture Pages, Picture Pages ...

You think you've got problems? P Diddy just tried to make me into a pair of chinos! (image via REUTERS)

Putin calculates the fastest way to ditch his personal stash of Polonium-210 into the fireplace before Angela Merkel and that confounded "Rexie the Wonder Dog" catch wind. (image via REUTERS)

In the geopolitical great game that is natural energy brinkmanship, It aint Over till the fat Labrador sings. (image via REUTERS)

As the Russian President struggles to maintain his sangfroid, Rexie the Autocrat Sniffing Dog narrows in on his quarry. (image via REUTERS)

Putin blames a particularly despicable vodka-feuled "Natural gas emission" on Rexie, the Russian Wonder-Dog. (image via REUTERS)

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