Friday, January 26, 2007

Spike Lee To Direct New Network Pilot

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He's done indie films, feature films, advertising, and now Spike Lee is doing network television. According to Medialifemagazine:

"NBC has tapped Spike Lee to direct the pilot for the drama 'M.O.N.Y.' The show will be about an unlikely average Joe who becomes the mayor of New York."

MONY is the latest in what we like to call SpikONICS (tm), which is kind of like Ebonics, but far more astonishingly self indulgent and wholly without historical context.

You'll remember, of course, Spike Lee's neologism "Crooklyn (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)," which is a wonderful film but a word ... which only has meaning to the few, the brave, and the immediate family of Spike Lee.

And, to be sure, a Spike Lee film is not called "un film de," or any somesuch, but rather, "A Spike Lee Joint."

Smoke 'em if you got em.

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Bubbles, Ink. said...

But still, I love him. Glad to see he steered away from the temptation of naming it "Mo' M.O.N.Y."