Thursday, January 25, 2007

Anne Heche Trades Up

(image via adorocinema)

The reptilian efficiency with which Anne Heche trades upwards romantically is quite astonishing to observe from the safe distance afforded by high-powered binoculars (The Corsair pops a bottle of 1999 Chateau de Beaucastel). Sociology Departments at the finer Midwestern Graduate schools should look to scheduling entire courses around how Anne Heche disposes of her now-irrelevant fuckies (Averted Gaze). From those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"ANNE Heche has left hubby Coley Lafoon for her 'Men in Trees' co-star James Tupper, 'Entertainment Tonight' reports. A rep for Heche confirmed to Page Six that she and Lafoon, who have a son, have separated, but would not say whether she's seeing Tupper. A flack for Tupper, who's also married and has a child, said he has also separated, but declined further comment 'on his personal life.' The 'Men in Trees' story line has Heche and Tupper playing red-hot lovers in Alaska. Heche was once hot and heavy with Ellen DeGeneres."

And, of course, there is Steve Martin, whom she dated for two years before Ellen. Allegedly Heche is the basis for the vapid starfucker with ambivalent loins that Heather Graham plays in "Bowfinger (see below)."

Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment. (image via

Or maybe Martin based in on "Celestia," Heche's otherworldly alter ego (Averted Gaze)

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