Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bill Clinton Shows up at Terry McAuliffe's Book Party

(image via myonlineimage)

Ever wonder what a Clinton meet-and-greet is like? Our favorite social chronicler and pal David Patrick Columbia captures the mood perfectly of A Clintonian Entrance. From NYSOcialDiary:

"By eight o’clock I was getting nervous since I was supposed to be at a dinner at the Museum of the City of New York by 8:15, and the Clintons who were expected at the McAuliffe party hadn’t showed up. Waiting by the entrance to the dining room (along with a lot of other people), I was talking to Richard Hall, a cameraman from CSPAN in Washington, who told me Clinton would be arriving very soon. I asked him how he knew. He said you can feel it in a room when the arrival is imminent, that the energy changes. It starts, he said, with someone (who’s connected by wire with the entourage) saying they were “just two minutes away” and soon the word spreads.

"Well, it wasn’t two minutes; more like five, but suddenly coming down the corridor was Bill Clinton, looking slender in his bespoke navy suit with high double vents and distinguished with that full head of white hair. He was just through the portal when the guests besieged him with greetings of affection as he stopped to say hello.

"There was a flank of cameras (including Mr. Hall and Patrick McMullan) aimed directly at him and outflanking this digital-duffer. You can see what I saw.

"Despite his slender physique, his handsome face and beautiful hair, Mr. Clinton looked older than the last time I saw him a couple of years ago. I mentioned this to a couple of people who felt the observation was too critical (although not insulting). They misunderstood. Both the former President and his wife are known to be hard-working, really indefatigable, and time has begun to engrave that on the man."

Also attending Monday night's soiree were Ed Koch, who huddled with Al Sharpton, and According to page Six, a mysterious blonde with a Bill Clinton "love Jones." Plus ca change ...


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