Monday, January 15, 2007

Imelda Marcos: "(The Gays) Will Think (The Imelda Collection) 'Imeldific."

Imelda Marcos. The name alone conjures many strong nouns. 3000 pairs of shoes while her people starved. The Dictators' Whore. Butterface. Wobbly arms. Bulletproof bra. Dubious real estate in Cindy Adams' despot-friendly column (Averted Gaze). What greater proof that the 80s are upon us again, the first time as History, and this time, alas, as Farce than the Return of Imelda. From Queerty (via Vanityfair):

"George Wayne: Imelda, have you ever visited one of your drag-queen bars in Manila? Apparently you are very popular among the trannies.

"Imelda Marcos: The drag what?

"GW: The drag queens, the men who dress as and impersonate women. Imelda is the queen of the drag queens.

"IM: Of the gays?

"GW: Yes.

"IM: The gays will love the Imelda Collection. They will think it 'Imeldific!'"

Hmm. We are fairly sure that The Ladyboys of Manilla are fashion-forward enough to steer ass clear of The Dictators Whore's fashion line which, to our reckoning, is naught else but simple shit.

And, while we are on the subject is there a greater demonstration of why Nationalism and Sex ought to have a Church-State separation in Man's consciousness? There is no justice in a world that has a surplus of Imelda Marcos trannies and a deficit of Stevie Nicks trannies.

I'm just saying ...

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