Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Musto Party

(image via wowreport)

The Corsair attended Michael Musto's book party at Room Serviece co-hosted by Perez Hilton and Rosie Perez and ended up dancing up a storm -- we still have the grooves -- until 2AM. Tuesday night at Room Service, with those beautiful Susanne Bartsch freaks is some glorious shit, yo. We know we are getting old, though, in that the party went on (Who Rules the Night?) -- allegedly -- until 7Am. In the Olde Days, we would have been on that oscillating landscape like Ray J on Kim Kardashian (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). Plus sa change, though, and plus la meme chose.

We were glad to finally meet Ben Widdicombe of the Daily News, a cool guy, and Perez Hilton, as well as Michael Musto -- who has been goodf to this blogger. We danced with Amanda Lepore, who, for a change, kept her clothes on (Thank you, Lord). We briefly chatted with Joan Rivers, spotted Ivana Trump across the room, and exchanged pleasantries with Mr.Mickey, my old Paper Magazine co-hort in crime.

Michael -- God bless his gossipy soul -- positively glowed in the attentions of the paparazzi, which veered in his every perambulation across the room.

Thank God there is still a place to dance in NYC past 4am. Unfortunately we weren't able to take them up on it.

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