Monday, January 29, 2007

Will Rahm Support Hill?


Rahm Emmanuel is in a double bind -- Does he support his hometown Illinois hero for the Presdiency? Or, Does Rahm allow his Illinois flank to go unprotected and tack towards his longtime political patrons, The Clintons of Chattauqua, NY, by way of bucolic Hope, Ark (Exaggerated cough suggesting feiged detachment). Who will former ballet dancer and Democratic Party savior Rahm Emmanuel support? According to our favorite Dickensian villain (Think of the full bodied lips, those impeccably tailored three-piece suits, that single-minded devotion to a capital gains tax cut, and, finally, the beady eyes that conjure forth forbidding images of ... (sotto voce) 'Ebeneezer.'
, Rovak, in the ChiSun Times:

"Sources close to Sen. Barack Obama are sure that Rep. Rahm Emanuel will not support his fellow Illinois Democrat for the presidential nomination but will back Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"If so, Emanuel would be the only prominent Democratic officeholder in Illinois not for Obama. As a senior White House aide, Emanuel was one of President Bill Clinton's favorites. Emanuel has been close to both of the Clintons.

"Emanuel refuses to talk about his 2008 presidential choice. He says he was deeply engaged in politics for two years as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and in his new role, as House Democratic Caucus chairman, he is committed to legislation."

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