Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Will Candy Spelling Ever Make Love in This Town Again?

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Left coast mistress of the universe Candy Spelling, of the "70s Jiggle television" fortune (Averted gaze), may or may not have put the kibosh on the distribution of a nauty tell all that outs her Sapphic tendencies. Apparently old man Spelling, before he died, liked to "break his wife off a piece of ass" every now and again. Allegedly. And now the book is mysteriously disappearing off the shelves of LA bookstores. And Cindy Adams has some provocative thoughts:

"I'VE reported a Phoenix book you need a hazmat suit to hold, 'Hooking Up: You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again Again,' is a re-up on the 10-year-old best seller 'You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again.' It's by a couple of call girls and paid escorts. Besides the usual subjects, Charlie Sheen, Gene Simmons, and Jack Nicholson, it mentions Schwarzenegger, Federline, Tommy Lee, Brad Pitt, Laurence Fishburne, Matt LeBlanc, etc.

"So Jackie and Joan Collins, Alana Hamilton, Barbara Davis, lunching at former agent Sue Mengers', complained they couldn't find a copy. Its 20,000 print run had vanished. Did someone reach someone in the distribution operation? Seemingly one mass purchase in a lot of 10,000 was bought out before it hit the L.A. stores, and not a copy was available. The sweet ladies speculated it might've been Candy Spelling because a few pages were devoted to her and because, they said, she has the wherewithal and the money. Me, I know nothing.

Pity Tori Spelling (Or, as we like to call her, "Misspelling"), who has to resort to louche garage sales to keep her in belly shirts and implant upgrades. Whatever she got in her father's Will, it probably wasn't quite what it ought to have been considering what she was used to.

Enquiring minds want to know: Did Candy spelling *allegedly* spend more money to *allegedly* keep that book off the shelves than she ended up handing to her daughter in the Will.

Things that make you go hmmm.

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