Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Aniston Texted Congrats to Brangelina

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David Arquette of the lovable but eccentric Arquette showbiz clan came into the Howard Stern Show this morning and got right into the mix. From Marksfriggin:

"Howard asked David about his wife, Courtney Cox, and if she has to bring Jennifer Aniston with them when they go on vacation. Howard said David was in the middle of all of that Jennifer Aniston shit with Brad Pitt. He didn't realize that so he asked David what he did during all of that. David said he didn't get involved in that shit.

"... Howard asked David if he's happy about being in the middle of that whole thing. David just giggled when he was asked questions."

Ah, yes, the cracked Arquette chuckle ..

"... Robin said she was looking at David out in the hall and had forgotten how cute he was. Artie told David that when Brad Pitt dumps Angelina Jolie, he should fuck her. Howard said that Jennifer shouldn't hate Angelina, she should hate Brad for leaving her. David said that Jennifer has a great attitude. David said he actually text messaged Brad when they had their baby and congratulated him on that."

Which is interesting, this texting thing, considering the following report from TheBosh:

"A source quoted in Grazia magazine says Aniston attempted to make the call to show she had no hard feelings and that she wished Brad and his new family all the best, but it blew up in her face reports Entertainment Wise.

"She thought it was the right thing to do. But she couldn't get her call accepted. Jen thinks Angelina has changed Brad and made him as insensitive and uncaring as she is."

That must have been the most tortured text message in the rather short and brutish life of the Blackberry (The Corsair sips a glass of Chateauneuf). And: Not to argue about something so deliciously trivial as Which Came First, The Texting or The Call ...

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