Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Andre Leon Talley: "Voice of the Oscars"

(image via Barteverly)

The mellifluous tones that embroider themselves silkily into that rich alto known colloquially as "African-American Manliness (tm)" has come a long way indeed. When one thinks today of the voice of African-American virility, one's mind conjures the heart of intergalactic evil at the dark center of the Star Wars trilogy (Thanks you, James Earl Jones). But the conquest of the galaxy is not enough. Hardly. Now, the Voice of Oscar Fashion will also be that of a large and in-charge cocoa-brother, namely, Andre Leon Talley. From Fashion weekdaily:

"For once, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is getting Oscar fashion right. How many ill-prepared supermodels, television talking heads, and even sportscasters have described fashion on the network pre-shows over the years, only to cause the millions who watch to yawn—with embarrassment? This year, on February 25 at the Kodak Theater, no less a fashion personage than Vogue’s editor-at-large AndrĂ© Leon Tally will be what Academy Awards producer Laura Ziskin is calling 'the voice of the Oscars.' Talley will narrate the pre-show fashion coverage and be intricately involved with the event throughout the evening."

Congratulations ALT; you do your thing.

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