Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Globes Recap: Real Women Have Curves (And Some Seasoning)

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Curiously, the Actresses who won big last night are -- visually speaking -- some of the most realistic women in Hollywood today. They have gray hair; they have curves; they have laugh lines -- and we goddam love them. America Ferrara, Mery Streep, Helen Mirren and Jennifer Hudson, three non-anorexic, non-plastic surgury enhanced women. And, re: Jennifer Hudson, How could a fetid ass like Simon Cowell have missed out on that one? Cowell, to be sure, has such highly evolved opinions on Bob Dylan, too (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

America, the beautiful. (image via justjared)

It was a welcome surprise for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to recognize that simple fact. We like a woman with some curves; it gives a man something to hold onto.

Other Golden Globe Observations:

-- Start the Countdown to legality Clock on Jack Nicholson's daughter (It's so true what they say about "karmic repercussions," no?)

--It isn't that Warren Beatty is a lazy and uninteresting speaker. he just saves his best lines for getting pussy.

--Do Jessica Biehl's obnoxiously toned ass cheeks qualify as "Golden Globes," or are they more in the realm of "Heavenly Spheres."

--Justin Timberlake is dissing Prince. Hold up, Trousersnake. He participated in the destruction of R n B legend Janet Jackson and now he wants to drop thunder on more silkysultry royalty? Better smooth your head out and take it easy, hotpants, else Timberlake finds himself in a greezy urban scenario where thugged out avengers kick it to a whole new level. Dick in a Box? Try Dick in a Vice. Fa real.

As DrudgeReport makes known, The Globes beat out the nuke episode of "24" -- 15.1 to 10.7

From Kim Masters of Slate (via defamer): "With wins for Dreamgirls and Babel, the Paramount party was a hot ticket. Genuine Supreme Mary Wilson turned up there, and how cool is that? Held in a cavernous space that long ago was a Robinsons-May department store, the bash offered enough space for everyone to breathe. That's just as well, because, despite the many hugs, there was a bit of tension in the room.

"Paramount should perhaps be renamed Paramounts. The studio is like a collection of city-states. The DreamWorks camp, which has Dreamgirls in contention, doesn't trust the main-studio camp, with Babel in the race. And vice versa. The intrigue thickens if you consider that Paramount chief Brad Grey is also a producer of The Departed, released by Warner Bros. So, which movie is he voting for? To add even more spice to the soiree, ousted studio President Gail Berman, fired just last week, put in an appearance. Game girl."

From Merle Ginzberg of Fashionweekdaily: "Outside the In Style party, there was a bottleneck backup of over an hour, and even stars like Rob Morrow, Hayden Panettiere, and Dominique Swain were made to wait on line. 'It’s now the Fire Department In Style party,' noted one security guard. Sure enough, the fire marshals had taken over the party and were counting heads. While Teri Hatcher, Jessica Biel, and the Grey’s Anatomy stars partied inside, everyone else was made to wait—although Paris Hilton cut the line and got her party escorted in."

Paris is not the only one. From PerezHilton: "Of all the after-parties, by far the hottest and most difficult to get into (literally) was the In Style / Warner Brothers soiree.

"We waited in line with Staymoist, just behind Chris Rock and Katharine McPhee to our left.

"Everyone had to wait a while to get in, except Jamie Foxx who bulldozered his way inside with the help of his posse."

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