Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's Joe Lieberman's Party, He Can Cry If He Wants To

This shit is so brilliant that The Corsair wishes he had enough comedic "chi" to pull this off. Of course there is nothing legally wrong with Senator Lieberman running for the Senate in the General election after he already lost the Democratic Primary. Sure, it was a douche-bag maneuver (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment), but he sort of made up for it in his first post-election appearance on the Armed Services Committee, where he pimp-strolled over to the Republican side of the aisle and got into an animated conversation with Senators McCain and Olympia Snowe, almost making Harry Reid shat himself. Way to veer that Joe-Mentum to the Right, Senator. We reluctantly admit it: PIMP.

But karm a is the proverbial be-Yatch.From TheOldGrayLady:

"The senator’s supporters created the party line last summer, solely to give Mr. Lieberman a spot on the ballot in the general election after he lost the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont.

"With the knowledge that neither Mr. Lieberman nor his supporters planned to take the reins, one of Mr. Lieberman’s loudest critics, John Orman, filed papers after the election with the secretary of state declaring himself chairman of the party. His rules stated that anyone who shared a name with Mr. Lieberman or disagreed with him could join.

"Earlier this month, the secretary of states office said everything appeared in order with Mr. Ormans filing.

"But a supporter of Mr. Lieberman's, Stuart R. Korchin, was furious to learn that Mr. Orman was hijacking the party. After reading the news of Mr. Orman’s self-appointed leadership position, Mr. Korchin sent him an e-mail message, stating that he, in fact, was the sole member and chairman of the newly created political organization. Mr. Korchin, in a personal protest over the results of the Democratic primary, changed his party registration on Aug. 9 to Connecticut for Lieberman.

“'I was unaware that you wished to join,' Mr. Korchin wrote. 'Please contact me if you are interested in helping to organize the party. I’m sure someone with your talents will be welcome.'

"Apparently, when Mr. Korchin filled out a short form in August at the Cheshire Town Hall changing his party affiliation from Democrat to Connecticut for Lieberman, the information could not be properly entered in the state’s electronic voter database. So when Mr. Orman contacted the secretary of state, there was no record that anyone else belonged to the nascent party.

"Now the two men are at loggerheads over who controls the party, which, to anyones knowledge, includes only the two of them."

Chi-LARIous!!! Couldn't you just hear the Three Stooges theme music over that last sentence -- the perfect political joke punchline. Only this is all fer realsies.

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