Monday, January 29, 2007

Heche-tile, Climbing

Our favorite cold blooded reptilian actress Anne Heche --with an uncredited screen performance as "Celestia" -- is finally vocalizing in, no doubt, a series of calculated hisses interspersed with sudden squirts of necrotoxic venom (Averted Gaze). According to those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"ANNE Heche reportedly dropped her husband Coley Laffoon like a hot potato for her 'Men in Trees' co-star, James Tupper - and the actress is now talking about it. While Heche refuses to confirm that she is actually with Tupper, she told 'Entertainment Tonight,' when asked about their on-screen relationship, 'We have a beautiful relationship . . . I think people like to read a lot into the chemistry we have on the show, and I think it's fantastic. We all have a lot of chemistry. We love each other, we're like a family here, we all go out on the weekends. I'm obviously going through something personal in my life, and I don't know what is going to happen in my future.' We can only wish Tupper good luck - fickle Heche has a habit of leaving one person for another. Five years ago, she dumped Ellen DeGeneres for Laffoon."

And, two years previous, she *allegedly* dumped Steve Martin for Ellen.


Like the sloughing off of an old layer of now irrelevant skin, Heche ritually purges herself of her former "surfaces" as she scrambles up that heat rock known as The Evolutionary Ladder towards the sun, which, after all, is only a "Star."

And, true believers, Anne Heche hungers -- hungers! -- with all her 3-chambered reptilian heart after some of that goddam "Stardom."

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