Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is Paramount Vantage The Next Fox Searchlight?

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As the buzz goeth in Tinseltown, Paramount Vantage is the next Fox Searchlight, which was -- in its day -- the next Miramax (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). Don't ask us to go back any further as That Town is all about looking forwards; that, and draining the lifeforce out of Youth, leaving them broken husks afterwards(Averted Gaze).

There's no question Paramount Vantage is hott, what with "Babel," and the all-but-victorious-at-Oscars Best Doc, Al Gore and Davis Guggenheim's "Inconvenient Truth."

But at the Golden Globes muted some of the massive buzz surrounding that up-and-comer. From David Carr of the NyTimes:

"The backers of 'Babel,' with seven nominations, spent the night practicing their wan, frozen smiles as they missed out on category after category. But at the very end of the ceremony, a nice, big lifesaver appeared: the award for best dramatic picture.

"'I was just jumping,' said Rinko Kikuchi, the young Japanese star of 'Babel,' speaking for many people at Paramount Vantage, which produced the film. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, a director who happens to look like a movie star, got a big full-on kiss from John Lesher, the young and fairly new president of Vantage, who bet early and hard that audiences, and awards, would show up for this triptych of a movie that spans borders and languages.

And no doubt in exerting her gymnastics, Kikuchi's disasterous Bjork-ish gown flared, obnoxiously.

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