Thursday, January 13, 2005

On Keanu Reeves

The latest issue of Premiere Magazine has an interesting spread on celebrities talking about Keanu Reeves, including The Keanu himself:

On filming Dracula - free hosting service </a

"Keanu Reeves: It was great to live in that environment going for a run in the morning, looking at the stars at night, going into (Francis Ford Coppola's) research library, spending time with him. You know, watching Tom Waits sing "Waltzing Mathilda" to Winona at the piano, Winona crying. It was a beautiful life. Les enfants du paradis."

WTF?! The piano has been drinking. We fell into a TMI coma somewhere in between the Tom Waits mention and the gratuitous speaking in French. But wait, there's more:

"Alex Winters (Ed Note: This dude is "Bill S. Preston, Esq" in the Bill and Ted Adventure movies): Maybe (Keanu) still had some "Whoa's" and "Dude's" left in him, but he's not Ted. He's a bourgeois, shy intellectual from Toronto."

Can one be "bourgeois" and "intellectual" simultaneously? We always thought the two states of being were in conflict. Never mind. The Corsair is actually arguing social theory with "Bill S. Preston Esquire":

"Ione Skye: We were totally fooling around while they were lighting (on the set of River's Edge). I was fine with him under the covers, but then the camera would roll, and poor Tim (Hunter) was like, 'You look like you're reading the newspaper. You've got to look like you're having fun!' (Keanu) was definitely the first person I'd fooled around with as a lover (Ed Note: That's not what Anthony Kiedis said in Scar Tissue), like, he smelled my armpits. He was just supersensual with all that greasy hair. After we did the love scene, Keanu and I had breakfast at IHOP."

(A considerable silence) Hollywood glamour anyone?

In Which the ManChild Succumbs to An Older Woman

"Nancy Meyers: The first time (Keanu) kisses (Diane Keaton) (in Something's Gotta Give), I wanted Diane to be curious, a tad reluctant. But she was, like, madly kissing him back. I had to go up to her and say, 'No, Diane, don't be too into it. You're in love with Jack (Nicholson).' And she'd say, 'Oh-oh-oh, okay.' He was so adorable. She totally forgot the context of the scene."

And Keanu's reaction?

"Keanu Reeves:To find the right touch for that role was a welcome challenge because he does stand aside. He wants the best for her. I thought, 'He's a caregiver -- he's a caregiver of the heart.'"

Yeah, bourgeois intellectual.

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