Thursday, January 06, 2005

But What Scarlett Really Wants to do is Direct!


Above: Johannson fulfilling an "ambition" to star in a Vermeer painting.

According to Ananova, all those creepy flings with sundry Eurotrash are simply backstory, people. Research, perhaps, for her "starlet" second act. Scarlett Johannson has many ambitions -- many, many, many ambitions, publicly declared, many, many, many, ambitions does this woman have -- a respectable European title, for instance; an Oscar; respect from her peers; perhaps, too, the odd completed sexual congress in the elevator at the Chateau Marmont with the comparatively elderly Benicio del Toro -- who knows (The Corsair takes a considerable pause, quietly sipping a 1973 Chateau Le Trehon) ?:

"Scarlett Johansson has spoken about her ambition to become a movie director.

"The 20-year-old Lost In Translation star tells Teen Vogue that she wants to direct 'as soon as possible.'

"She said: 'I'd also love to make a really scary horror movie.'"

(Averted Gaze) And, of course, as prelude, Our Scarlett-Starlet is doing the requisite "Jude Law" in 2005, starring in every other picture:

"Scarlett has several movies due out soon including A Love Song for Bobby Long opposite John Travolta, The Island opposite Ewan McGregor, In Good Company with Dennis Quaid and Woody Allen's as-yet-untitled new movie filmed last year in London.


marie said...

the woman is that photo isn't scarlet johansson. it's essie davis, who plays colin firth's wife. i suppose that title -could- be one of her ambitions...

Ron said...

my bad, you're right

Ron said...

I've switched the pic. Good eye, Marie.