Monday, June 16, 2008

Chris Rock: "Flavor Flav Must Be Killed In Order For Black People To Be Truly Free"

(image via collegepublisher)

We have been extraordinarily critical of Viacom's man-child who calls himself "Flavor Flav" (Averted Gaze), but, we cannot fail to note, nothing compares to Chris Rock's brutal sneak attack at Bonaroo. Yes, Flav is obnoxiously fertile (no offense, K-Fed). But advocating the murder of an semi-innocent man-child is just de trop! De trop! From Popwatch:

"Chris Rock! Who kicked Janeane Garofalo's standup comedy ass, though I'm sure that would come as no surprise to her at all. I was told that if most Bonnaroo attendees showed up for his hour-long set it would be the biggest comedy performance of all time; no word on that record, but with material on politics, male/female relations, and racial relations in general ('Flavor Flav must be killed in order for black people to be truly free'), I'd say Rock more than lived up to his pre-Metallica slot."

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