Thursday, June 26, 2008

African-American, Latino Churchers Oppose Sirius-XM Merger

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Right about now we are thinking that Howard Stern is probably wishing that he could take back his infamous Dolly Parton-is-a-racist comedy bit. On the one hand Stern is facing opposition for attacking so beloved a pop-cultural figure as Mrs. parton. And on the other hand he is facing an attack from African-American and Latino churchgoers -- we kid you not -- who did not see the humor in the bit which had Parton's words manipulated to sound racist. Parton, of course, is not racist; neither, for that matter, is Stern. From The Washington Times:

"A group representing more than 16,000 black and Hispanic churches has urged federal media regulators to reject the merger of XM Satellite Radio Inc. and Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., citing its objections to a segment of Sirius shock jock Howard Stern's show in which audio clips of country singer Dolly Parton were manipulated into racist and sexually vulgar comments.

"In a June 21 letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin J. Martin, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times, the National Black Church Initiative said, 'There is no 'public interest' in allowing Mr. Stern a larger platform to spew his filth.'

"The group cites a May 6 show in which Mr. Stern aired clips of Miss Parton apparently using racial slurs and describing vulgar sexual acts, mentioning other celebrities including Kenny Rogers, Linda Ronstadt, Burt Reynolds and Johnny Carson. The sound bites are manipulations of an audio-book recording by Miss Parton."

In defense of Stern, these are probably the same type of dim churchgoers who gave President Bush the margin of victory in Ohio on the gay marriage issue. Wasn't life so much better, dear reader, when the evangelicals just wanted to be left to their own tedious devices and simply Rendered Unto Caesar without imposing their own over-emotional interpretation of human existence on the more intellectually-oriented public political sphere? Hmm? Fuck you very much Karl Rove. More here.

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