Monday, June 30, 2008

Corsair Math

What equation will bring us to the curiously hott Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, who's VeePee buzz groweth daily"



Spears + Fey = Alaska Governor Sarah Palin; images via thestar/moviecritic/nicedeb/


Ted said...

Palin is much much more than this. And I -- and I'm sure many women, both Republican and Democrat former Hillary voters -- find your characterization to be demeaning. Since you previously indicated you were a Romney supporter, I don't think Romney would find this characterization of Palin appropriate, if it is intended to take away from all of the other factors which DO make her the best choice for McCain's Veep.

I would respectfully suggest you read up on Palin.

Ron said...

Oh Ted, lighten up: This is as much a blog of humor as it is one of gut-bucket political commentary. I wrote of Romney's "matinee-idol looks" as well, so it is not just women who are judged in that way here. I was originally a supporter of Richardson, who I believe to be the most qualified man to ever run for the Presidency since George Bush, 41. I am presently an obama supporter. Romney is impressive, with a strong resume, but I am a solide anti-war Democrat this election.

Anonymous said...

She is Hott! Can't wait for them to find the sex video that someone stole! LOL

Anonymous said...

She's hott, I've voting for McCain so I can see her for the next 4 years! Joe Biden does nothing for me. Sorry Obama!

Anonymous said...

I'd hit that.

Anonymous said...

Before you hit it, consider that she is opposed to birth control pills and condoms (even for married couples).

Anonymous said...

That's a female Hitler...

1) Total pro-white.

2) Pro women, Hitler would be too if he was one.

3) Gun-Totting Redneck.

McCain watch out!

Or she'll blast your balls out!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Michael Moore.
I love it when arrogant liberals speak. It does nothing but support the conservative movement.