Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mandela Rebukes Mugabe's Zimbabwe

African Dictator Cheek. (image via geoconger)

That Nelson Mandela has broken his silence over the idiot regime of Robert Mugabe is a wonderful development in the politics of the continent. Just wrote this on the Kenneth Cole AWEEARNESS Blog:

"Ronald Reagan once quipped - he always had good writers -- that the eleventh commandment of politics is "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican." A similar law operates with even more urgency in the continental affairs of Africa. It could not have been easy then for Nelson Mandela, Africa's most respected statesman, to speak ill of Robert Mugabe. It is sort of like airing one's family's dirty laundry in public. But Mugabe's Zimbabwe, which began perhaps with the best of intentions, has veered, horribly, into what can only be properly construed as a nightmarish thugocracy. And when so many lives are at stake, as in the case of AIDS, one must speak frankly, customs notwithstanding."

More here.

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