Thursday, June 19, 2008

Joan Rivers Dragged Off London TV For Swearing

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75-year old Joan Rivers was dragged off the set of ITV's Loose Women for using salty language. Considering all the plastic surgery she has had done -- which we witnessed close-up -- it is amazing that she would appear on any vehicle going by the moniker "Loose Women." Rivers has had so much work done that she has this unnerving effect of looking like she is staring at you even if you are standing alongside her and she is facing forward, talking to someone else (trust us on that one). That having been said, the official excuse was that children may be watching. From the 3AMGirls:

'Joan's caustic comedy and unabashed barbs have long since had the censors twitching.

"But it was calling actor Russell Crowe 'a f***ing s***' that stunned the Loose Women presenters - Jackie Brambles immediately apologised for the 'inappropriate language' - and made producers of the lunchtime chat-show swoop.

"..Today she is wrapped in black cashmere and ensconced in her favourite suite at London's Ritz with a pot of tea and some warm scones.

"Her feet are tucked beneath her on the sofa and there's a definite twinkle in her eye as she recounts being bundled off set on Monday.

"'I was having a great time and everybody was laughing,' says Joan. 'Then these people - these IDIOTS - came running on to the set and RIPPED me off my seat and dragged me off.

"..'My toes are still bleeding from where they were dragged across the carpet. They ruined a beautiful pair of Manolo Blahniks.

"'I mean, I'm not a young woman. I might have osteoporosis and they could have snapped my limbs. I didn't even have time to say goodbye.

"'When the audience saw my empty chair I worried that because of my age, they might think I'd wet it because my diaper leaked.'"

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