Wednesday, June 11, 2008

George Herbert Walker Bush: Kissinger is "Dictatorial"

From The China Diary Of George Bush via ForeignPolicy in an entry dated November 20, 1974:

"Kissinger is an extremely complicated guy. He is ungracious, he yells at his staff, he is intolerable in terms of human feelings. Dictatorial. 'Get people here.' 'Have those people here,' 'Where are they?' 'Why do I need these papers?' 'Where are my papers?' And yet all those petty little unpleasant characteristics fade away when you hear him discussing the world situation. He comes alive in public. Walk up the steps and the salute rings out from the PLA guard. He literally is so alive within, you can see it on the outside very clearly. He is like a politician with a roar of a crowd on election eve or the athlete running out at the 50-yard line just before the kickoff. The public turns him on."

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