Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hathaway Dumps Charlatan Follieri

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File this also under: It's about friggin time. The beauteous Anna Hathaway dumped that faux-dashing fraud that is in hot water with everyone from Ron Burkle to the New York Attorney General's office for his shady financial dealings. The man is as oily as a pimp (Averted Gaze).

As if that isn't bad enough, Follieri has been known to make the movie star cry in public (From PageSix last year: "ANNE Hathaway couldn't stand to watch herself at the Cinema Society screening of 'Becoming Jane' in East Hampton on Saturday night, so she and her boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, went to Nick & Toni's for a bite while the movie about Jane Austen unspooled. Witnesses say the couple had a spat and that Hathaway fled the eatery in tears"). Nice. But -- mirabile dictui -- he's toast, according to The Daily Mail:

"Follieri often visited Hathaway on the Boston set of her upcoming movie Bride Wars, but they were regularly spotted arguing by crew members.

"A friend said: 'They fought so much while Anne was making the movie, she genuinely started to wonder if the relationship was worth all the pain.'

"Hathaway also heard rumours from her friends in New York that the businessman had been flirting with other women while she was away filming.

"The friend added: 'Raffaello would only ever visit her on sets for short periods of time.

"'He was very caught up in his social life and making connections in New York, and stories would get back to Anne about his late nights and carousing, usually with models in the immediate vicinity.'

"During the making of Get Smart earlier last summer, Hathaway formed a friendship with co-star Steve Carell, who lent her a supportive ear during her problems with Follieri.

"'She seemed to really be enjoying her freedom, and making new friends in L.A., especially Steve.'

"Hathaway's split from Follieri may mean she finally moves to Hollywood, after years of insisting she would remain on the east coast to stay close to her beau."

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