Monday, June 30, 2008

Rose McGowan's Self-Obsessed Psychodrama Continues

With great effort, the cosmically self-involved Rose McGowan manages to avert her gaze from a mirror. (image via scifisite)

How boring is Rose McGowan? How self-obsessed? The Rosi-verse, you see, revolves around the spinning kicks in fuck-me boots of Rose McGowan's thumoeideutic heroines -- kicking ass, wearing scarlet lipstick, revealing bone-white cleavage, mugging for the cameras like a goddam vamp (The Corsair yawns ostentatiously). Zzz; It's like a magnum of fucking chloroform at this point, frankly, dear readers. The bloom, so to speak, is off the Rose (McGowan).

(image via allmoviephoto)

Whatever psychic weirdness-vooddoo is revolving in her noggin really ought to stay on the inside, and not, quite frankly, on the silver screen with multi-million dollar backing at stake. Must we all experience the Eternal Return of Rose McGowan's obsessive compulsion towards control freakishness? This one-dimensional actress plays -- yet again -- a "sassy" woman revenging herself in "Red Sonya," another variation on a theme that has dominated her career since "Jawbreaker" back in 1999.

What's worse -- and more self-indulgent -- is that "Red Sonya" being helmed by her fiance, film director Robert Rodriguez, whose marriage she busted up during filming of another self-indulgent film where McGowan plays .. a rowdy revenger. Nice. But her upcoming compulsive repetition is not so much another case of a saucy McGowanish "revenging" on some villainous dude, rather it is a revenging on the theater going public stupid enough to spend $12 on a ticket to feed McGowan's beast.

McGowan's tedious strategy of repeating ad nauseum the ball breaking tough-chick role -- grr -- is not so much empowering at this point as, quite frankly, an advertisement of some tragic psychic fragility. From an earlier incarnation of The Corsair:

"True American badasses don't need to telegraph their bad-assiness. Alleged 'actress' Rose McGowan is not to be tossed aside lightly ... she must be thrown with great force. We archly place 'actress' in ironic quotations preambling Rose because, quite frankly, Rose doesn't Act per se, or do anything approximating the Craft. Rather, McGowan essentially uses Hollywood to project herself -- no doubt to salve some psychic wound -- as a 'tough girl,' one who 'takes no guff.' Whether in The Doom Generation or Jawbreaker or her uncredited, non-speaking role as wife of the spectacularly untalented shock-rocker -- how controversial! -- Marilyn Manson (Averted Gaze), Rose tediously rehashes that same goddamned role, ad nauseum. She's tough; and she's taking. No. Guff!"

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