Friday, June 20, 2008

James Taylor Wouldn't Let Carly Simon Use His Bathroom At their Daughter's Wedding

(image via musichaven)

James Taylor always struck us as a profoundly mellow chap with a buttery voice and easy going lyrics who has the wind at his back and just keeps on keepin' on. James Taylor also probably has the most far-out-freaky weed anyone's ever smoked, you know the kind where you think its laced with LSD -- even though it isn't -- just because it is so damned bastard-strong? James Taylor's also the sort of mellow who would talk you down, tell you everythings going to be easy, and stay with you -- at the risk of losing his own buzz -- until the effects of the grass wear off and you get your bearings and stagger off to have a What-am-I-going-to-do-with-the-rest-of-my-Life moment.

James Taylor seems the sort of dude we'd like to sit around and shoot the shit about Kierkegaard and Herman Hesse's enigmatic "Glass Bead Game" -- "What Does It All Mean, James?" -- Real Meaning of Life types of shit over some mulled hard cider infused with cardamum seeds. James Taylor seemed like that guy.

And then Carly Simon with her fearless ways and sexy adult contemporary lyrics busts up our idealistic early 70s flashback with a crisp dose of Turn-of -the-millennium reality. Flip the script, why don't you Carly? From

"... (A)ccording to Jenny Stewart at, when talks turned to her tumultuous relationship with James Taylor, Simon spilled a bit more in the way of graphic details.

"According to Simon, the former couple have not said two words to each other in over 30 years, despite the fact that they have a daughter together. In fact, when their daughter Sally was married at Taylor’s home recently, he wouldn’t let Simon use his restroom."

As the late, great Rick James would say: Coldblooded!

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