Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Was Henry Kissinger Doing Lunching With Patricia Duff?

Granted, at 85, McCain pal and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger -- who just returned from romancing the leadership in Russia -- isn't what he used to be with the ladies, assuming, that is, that he ever was and he wasn't just bullshitting the fawning press. Also noted, reluctantly, accomplished seductress Patricia Duff, last seen romancing "The Torch," doesn't quite seem the type who would go in for the May-December thing, notwithstanding Kissinger's toadish baritone and funereal air of hideous evil.

And some girls are into that.

Plus: that foxy, busty Patricia Duff is presently in combat with her ex, the scrappy -- and fabulously Rich -- Ron Perelman.

Anyhoo: they had lunch. Is there anything there. From NYSocialDiary:

"Yesterday in New York, sunny summery day, bright and fair, crowds of tourists along Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. I went down to Michael’s.

"You see so many famous faces and familiar faces at Michael’s but sometimes there is an added drama, mainly imagined, but nevertheless resonating.

"Monday, for example, as I was taking my table with my guest Yanna Avis, I noticed at the table across the way was a woman, with long blonde hair, whom I could only see from the back; and who looked, I guessed, on the younger side. She was leaning into her lunch partner, so as to speak quietly and confidentially; least compared to her male lunch partner who was listening raptly (it looked like she was doing the talking), none other than Henry Kissinger."

But wait, it gets even more pimpy ...

"So there was this blonde…. And don’t think there were others in the room thinking just that.

"Furthermore the young blonde woman was Patricia Duff, one of the most likable, most enigmatic, controversial, prominent women in New York."

"...Meanwhile, back at Michael’s on Monday, this reporter would have liked to have been a fly on the wall just to hear what the beautiful Ms. Duff was saying to the most famous (and most controversial) Secretary of State of the last half of the 20th century.

"It was was a tete-a-tete with few interruptions (Lesley Stahl saying hello, excepted), a couple others pay homage. It was obviously some kind of business lunch. Ms. Duff is in the business of political consciousness-raising and promotion. To others she’s a natural born seductress too. She’s been at it for many years, all the way back to Los Angeles when she was married to producer Mike Medavoy. The politics, I mean."

We're sure it is business, but a "Duffinger" pairing would be mindblowing, no?

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