Monday, June 30, 2008

Mitt Romney Will Probably Be McCain's Running Mate

Yeah, yeah, yeah. There is lots of talk, lots of yam-yam, about Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska (A favorite of right-wing radio talk show hosts and neoconniver William Kristol), Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana (Some say too young, we say too Exorcism-ish), Governor Crist of the necessary Florida (Who fucked Giuliani up so majorly)and, of course, Governor Pawlenty of Minnesotta (As exciting as watching plants produce oxygen). Plus there have been Veepy mentions of Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett-Packard Chairwoman.

Obviously McCain needs a Governor. Also, quite probably, McCain needs and executive -- read: businessperson -- someone who can bolster McCain's laughable lack of economic knowledge.

Mitt Romney is both a former Governor and an executive that understands the economy both nationally and internationally. He is matinee-idol good looking and supplies oxygen to the flatlining McCain ticket. Romney is also a primary winner in Michigan, with a history there -- his father was Governor -- and could help the GOP win in that necessary state (McCain won there against Bush in the 2000 GOP primary). Romney also has ties to the Bush family and Karl Rove has been lobbying for "Mittens" with great gusto. Clearly Romney is the Bush family choice for continuing the Bush 43 legacy, making sure the Iraq War is well-funded and looked after. From Politico:

:Surprising many Republican insiders, Mitt Romney is at the top of the vice-presidential prospect list for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). But lack of personal chemistry could derail the pick.

"'Romney as favorite' is the hot buzz in Republican circles, and top party advisers said the case is compelling.

"Campaign insiders say McCain plans to name his running mate very shortly after Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) does, as part of what one campaign planner called a 'bounce-mitigation strategy.'

"The Democratic convention is in late August, a week ahead of the Republicans convention. That means McCain can size up the opposing ticket before locking in his own.

"One of the chief reasons the Massachusetts governor is looking so attractive is his ability to raise huge amounts of money quickly through his former business partners and from fellow members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons.

"McCain sources tell Politico that they believe Romney could raise $50 million in 60 days. One close Romney adviser said it could even be $60 million."

From the point of sheer logic it would be an act of supreme stupidity if McCain picked anyone other than Romney. Romney is so perfect for McCain that it is almost frightening. Obama probably ought to begin counterprogramming his running mate choice against Romney.

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Ted said...

Why in the world would McCain pick Romney -- good guy (I actually wanted him as Pres candidate over McCain) but probably a net neutral at best now on the McCain ticket -- when McCain could pick Palin? Assuming McCain's goal is both to win the election and have at his side a more than able and compatible running mate, he should be aware that the Democrats' greatest fear is Palin (not Romney).

(And note that beyond Fox, the MSM's greatest fear as well is Palin -- so the MSM, carrying the water for Obama, will at first try and avoid mention of her to the extent they can, until her inevitability can no longer be avoided.)

Ron said...

Palin makes a formidable running mate and would peel off a lot of Hillary Democrats, to be sure. She is young, though, and her demographic appeal -- beyond the Hillary Democrats -- is an unknown factor in such a high stakes game. McCain should definitely take some time to do some appearaces with the Governor on the stump and see how she does with crowds and, more importantly, with him.

More than anything else, though, Romney brings money. His own and his proven ability to part the moneymen from their hard-earned cash. His knowledge of the economy, his business acumen, his successful management of the Olympics (in an Olympic year), his youth, and his popularity in the Midwest all argue that he might be necessary.

Ted said...

Have you considered the millions and millions of dollars worth of media coverage on the remarkable and highly interesting (to the public) Palin -- essentially free of charge to McCain?

Please be realistic about this. McCain's a fine man. At the onset I much favored Romney over McCain. But we want and need to win this thing in November!!!

Ted said...

Correction, I means to say in the third paragraph "Romney's a fine man."

Ron said...

Good point. Clearly Palin is becoming the top alternative to Romney in chattering class conversations about the GOP Veepstakes.

Ted said...

It appears that it’s all down to Alaska Gov Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney, and team Romney fears Palin now has the best shot, so Romney camp is mounting a blogosphere-wide assault via Politico.

The tip-off that Politico is just a “promote Romney” piece is that it mentions EVERY NAME in the next two tiers of Veep prospects EXCEPT SARAH PALIN!!! — even names far more unlikely than Palin (since Romney camp knows Palin is the ONLY ONE who tops — I’ll say tops by far — Romney as McCain’s best pick).

Bottom line, Romney and Politico fear Palin most — as do the Dems and the MSM. (By the way, the Dems and MSM do not fear Romney the most — which says a lot.)

AOL, a main on-line pro-Obama/pro-Dem player, is now carrying the Politico piece promoting Romney buzz.

Clearly AOL wants McCain and the GOP to lose the general elction — hence they gladly promote Romney (no mention of Palin).

Also, CNN had Romney — kind of out of the blue — attacking Obama. Again, CNN, wanting McCain and the GOP to lose, gladly promotes Romney (to attempt to avert the Palin threat).

All the media frenzy which will surround the remarkable Palin “story” — essentially free to McCain — will be worth millions and millions of dollars of coverage and PR (more money than Romney would provide anyway).