Thursday, June 26, 2008

When Mary-Kate Olsen Hooked Up With "Sir Ben" Kingsley

Eeeew. (image via accesshollywood)

"Sir" Ben Kingsley -- and you shall know his velocity if you forget to call him by his knighthood -- hooked up with Mary-Kate Olsen in The Wackness. She is roughly 1/3 his age. But, Sir Ben wants us to know: Mary-Kate was in total control. Big time. Because, like, if she wasn't, it .. would .. be super-creepy (And, like, did she have to call him "Sir" while she was -- sotto voce -- "in charge")? From People:

"He's a screen legend – heck, he's even been knighted! But Sir Ben Kingsley isn't above a little kiss-and-tell when it comes to his on-screen smooch with 22-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen in The Wackness.

"'She was completely in charge,' the actor, 64, tells PEOPLE of their enthusiastic make-out scene in a telephone booth."

That's probably how he likes it. A Little BDSM on the DL, so to speak. That's how Sir Ben gets down, if you know what we mean. Freak. Powerful guy, tired of ordering the servants around, moving assets, wants to explore his "feminine" side. Possibly in a dungeon. Maybe with a mutually agreed upon safe word. Freaky little monkey. We know the type; but only theoretically, to be sure (Averted Gaze). More:

"The former star of Gandhi and Schindler's List – who's currently shooting with Martin Scorcese in Boston – drove down to New York for the movie's Cinema Society and Sony Cierge-sponsored party at the Gramercy Roof Club.

"'I love watching the movie,' his wife, Daniela, said of the coming-of-age stoner film. As for her real-life leading man, she added, 'I love him. He's amazing.'"

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