Friday, June 13, 2008

Kevin Spacey To Become Oxford Professor

Kevin Spacey is an extremely talented actor who sometimes plays the arrogant villain role a little too ... well (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). But that doesn't make him a bad person. "Kevy," as we like to call him around these parts, also produced, directed, wrote and starred in "Beyond The Sea," his love letter to Bobby Darin, perhaps the most monstrously self-indulgent movie of the modern era (we're pretty sure there's an uncredited costume design work going on there that nobody knows about). But somehow Spacey got that film financed, so, ultimately, who's the bigger fool Mr. Self Absorption or his dimwitted backers? Hmm?

And we'll pass over that controversial "mugging" in silence.

Anyhoo: The Big Three Ivys have always been a status signal in Hollywood, suggesting untold intellectual depths to accentuate those smashing good looks. Natalie Portman has Harvard. Jodie Foster has Yale. And ehr, Brooke Shields and Dean Cane have Princeton (Averted Gaze). Bur Spacey is going to one of the oldest universities in all the world. And not just to audit classes: but to teach. Take that bitches! Spacey From The Independent:

"He came from Hollywood to revive the Old Vic and embraced British culture to such an extent that he once turned up at a Labour Party conference. Now, Kevin Spacey has joined forces with another British institution, Oxford University.

"Following in the footsteps of the author Martin Amis, who has also applied his creative powers to academia, Spacey has been appointed the next Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor of Contemporary Theatre at St Catherine's College. He will take over the post from Patrick Stewart, a Briton who made it big in America playing the Star Trek Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

"The chair's previous incumbents include Stephen Sondheim, Alan Ayckbourn, Dame Diana Rigg, Richard Eyre and Sir Tim Rice."

Anglophile Kevin Spacey has been the artistic director of The Old Vice Theatre, which has a storied history, for some time now.


vita said...

aw, come on. he's there for the young 'uns.

Ron said...

I love Spacey and his eccentric ambitions. I may kid, but I'm there for him.